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Light Up Tanzania!

Lalafofofo invites you to join us in out first ever Kickstarter campaign to bring much needed solar lanterns
to families living in the Tanzanian bush.

For just $15, you can provide a solar light to a student whose family is too poor to afford electricity, or a new mother tasked with keeping her infant safe in the dangerous nighttime environment of the bush.

Every evening when the sun sets over Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzanians living in the bush will be grateful to have another night of relief from total darkness, and the sense of well-being their solar lantern provides.


Why Solar Lanterns?
Due to its geographic proximity to the equator, Tanzania experiences 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of
hours of nighttime year-round. That means 12 hour nights spent in pitch darkness. As most Tanzanians in remote villages of the bush live in huts hand-constructed of grass and mud, the long nights without light make their already difficult lives even more difficult.

In addition to the obvious challenges, the huts offer little to no protection from the wild man-eating lions and other predators that take advantage of the darkness to attack humans. In homes and villages with no electricity, the only alternatives are candles and kerosene lamps, which are prohibitively costly and fire hazards in this arid region that experiences very little rainfall year-round.

Once the sun sets, children must stay inside their family huts throughout the pitch dark night, every night, for safety. Even then, they’re not safe from predatory animals that enter the dark huts undetected. Imagine the  being trapped inside for 12 hours every night with no light to ward off predators, or even make reading and schoolwork possible.

Lalafofofo wants to give Tanzanians something we take for granted—indoor light—and we need your help to do it. Our “Light up Tanzania” solar lanterns are inexpensive and long-lasting. Donate a solar lantern to a Tanzanian family and you’ll be gifted one to keep for yourself! At just $15, its a great portable light for camping, nighttime events or simply illuminating your backyard so you can enjoy your outdoor space at night.

Solar lanterns recharge by simply setting them in the sun for a few hours. A single solar lantern can illuminate an entire hut for 12 hours or more. This is life-changing for villagers. Not only does it provide them with nighttime visibility, the light prevents wild animals from wandering into the huts.

Your gift of 12 hours of light, every night, will be celebrated many times over by people who have few comforts, and even fewer resources.

Together, we can make an enormous contribution to thousands of people in East Africa. Your gesture will help Tanzania’s children complete their studies, and let Tanzanians of all ages know they matter to people living 8,676 miles away.

To learn more about how you can help “light up Tanzania, or to donate a lamp today:

About Lalafofofo

Welcome to Lalafofofo, a nonprofit 501(c)(3)charitable organization created by Atherton, California resident Laura Vaughan. Lalafofofo is organized to be a source of affordable, small-scale service projects in theKilimanjaro Region of Tanzania, East Africa. Lalafofofo links individuals, youths, families and groups directly to much needed projects in Kilimanjaro, ranging in cost from $500-$2,500 for financial sponsorship.

Lalafofofo was launched in 2015, and continues to grow and expand its charitable projects throughout Tanzania. We offer a host of opportunities for youths and adults to participate in charitable efforts, both in the U.S. and in Tanzania. Our popular pen pal program encourages students in the U.S. to connect with students in Tanzania to share their experiences and learn new things about the two cultures.

Lalafofofo Current Projects

  • Build a House for a Maasai Widow

    Building a house for a Maasai widow serves many functions. It lasts more than 20 years. A house gives widows and children a safe place of permanence and maintains their social standing in the community.

  • Current Projects

    The government and local power company, Tanesco, has not built infrastructure to provide electricity to homes in this area. In particular, the village of Boma Ng’ombe (Swahili for “cow village”) is quite poor, and electricity and services are less affordable for locals living in this area.

Lalafofofo Solar Light Campaign Energizes Communities in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania

solar light campaign

Energy poverty describes the lack of access to electricity and other modern energy services, and in Sub- Saharan Africa, more than 600 million people lack access to electricity. That number is rising thanks to population increases, according to the International Energy Agency.  solar light campaign

Without electricity, women living in the Tanzanian bush spend many hours searching for fuel wood for their traditional stoves. These traditional stoves are linked to indoor pollution and resulting negative health effects that include respiratory infections, cancer and lung diseases.  In addition, many families also spend a significant portion of their budgets on kerosene to fuel lanterns at night, …

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