Sanya Station School Kitchen


Build a Kitchen for Sanya Station Public Primary School

Purpose: To build a separate building on the campus of Sanya Station School to serve as a kitchen so that meals can be prepared for 455 students.
Cost: $1,650
Duration: one month; start anytime

Description: West of Moshi and Mount Kilimanjaro in Northern Tanzania, the land is very arid and received little annual rainfall. Because of the lack of available water, families are often unable to grow sufficient food to eat. In addition, public schools in Tanzania depend on “fees” to be paid by families directly to the school to cover day-to-day running water at the school. Basically, the cost of maintaining a public school is the responsibility of the students’ families. When families are unable to grow enough food to eat, they do not have the money to pay school fees. This makes it difficult for the school to provide a basic education, much less pay for any additional necessary building projects if they have an increase in students.

Sanya Station School needs a kitchen in order to feed students lunch. Currently there is no budget in the government or fundraising that able to be performed by school families. The surrounding community of the school, or “Ward,” and Ward Elder may often support schools, but in the case of Sanya Station, this community is unable to afford the cost of building a new kitchen for the school.

Sanya Station public school has 455 students and 5 teachers and the campus consists of 3 buildings, all of which are classrooms. The buildings were built in the 1960s and are Tanzanian-style construction of brick and metal, with no windows or electricity. Each desk is shared by 3-4 students, and there are between 40-50 students per classroom.

There is a location in the back of the school which would accommodate a small separate building for a kitchen. Currently, lunch is being cooked in a shed over an open fire next to the “play yard” of the school.

Sanya Station School Kitchen

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