Help Lalafofofo Bring Solar Lanterns to Off-the-grid Families in the Kilimanjaro Region of East Africa

Help Lalafofofo Bring Solar Lanterns to Off-the-grid Families in the Kilimanjaro Region of East Africa

eliminate kerosene lanterns

eliminate kerosene lanterns

Across sub-Saharan Africa, millions of households are without electricity. These families are dependent on kerosene-fueled lanterns as a source of light, a solution fraught with danger.

The open flame of kerosene lanterns poses a serious fire hazard in this arid region. In addition, kerosene is combustible and emits an excessive amount of black carbon smoke and residue that brings a range of unhealthy effects to families who breathe it in.  eliminate kerosene lanterns

Research finds that an evening spent breathing kerosene fumes has the same health effects as smoking 40 cigarettes in a day. Exposure to kerosene fumes can cause tuberculosis, heart disease, and lung cancer. Indoor air pollution results in approximately 400,000 deaths per year in sub-Saharan Africa.

Eliminate kerosene lanterns

Eliminating the need for kerosene lanterns in the rural, off-grid Kilimanjaro region of East Africa is an important goal of Lalafofofo, which is why we’re offering solar-powered lanterns for a one-time donation of just $15. These solar lanterns can be set in sunlight for just a few hours during the day and can provide interior light safely for 12 hours or more—long enough to get families through the 12-hour nights of pitch darkness.

Impoverished families living in remote off-grid communities like the Tanzanian bush can spend as much as 20 percent of their meager income on kerosene because indoor lighting is critical to life in sub-Saharan Africa’s long stretches of nighttime. The need for light and subsequent dependence on kerosene perpetuates the bleak cycle of extreme financial need and ill health.

A $15 donation provides a source of clean, bright light that costs these families nothing. Without the need to purchase kerosene, they are better able to put food on the table to feed children, many of whom go to school every day on empty stomachs. Something as simple as a solar lamp, used in Western countries for camping or to light outdoor patios at night, provide a life-changing source of clean, bright light for households struggling simply to survive in remote corners of sub-Saharan Africa.

Lalafofofo works with local Aid groups, educators, and village elders to introduce the simple technology to families, and distribute the solar lanterns in remote areas where they’re needed most. Our “Light up Tanzania” campaign, a collaborative effort with Makers4Good and LastMile, provides ordinary Americans with an affordable opportunity to help improve the lives and health of Tanzanians with no access to electricity.

Solar lanterns provide a clean energy lighting alternative for children to read and do homework, and for parents to prepare meals and take care of the household during the region’s 12-hour long nights. By donating $15 for a solar lantern for a Tanzanian family, Lalafofofo will send you a solar lantern for use on camping trips, backyard lighting, or as a convenient light source during power outages.

Please donate a solar lantern today by clicking here

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