Lalafofofo JEC Photos

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Lalafofofo's JEC

The Lalafofofo Junior Executive Committee gathered for its first monthly meeting on September 18, 2016 in Silicon Valley.  Gordon Carver, Ph.D., co-founder and CEO of Silverleaf Academy in Tanzania, was in California and served as the group’s featured guest speaker.

Dr. Carver spoke to JEC members about his organization and new schools being opened for low to middle income families in Kilimanjaro, focusing on alternative education models such as informal private schooling, online learning platforms, skills-based programs and alternative delivery models that are contributing to the reach of education across Africa. These schools use innovative teaching on a tablet-assisted curriculum to help facilitate innovative partnerships that build sustainable and impactful education programs across Sub Saharan Africa.

Twelve JEC student members are planning to spend 2-4weeks with the Vaughan family in Moshi for internships in July, 2017. All of them are working on a service project in Tanzania before they go. Together they are raising $22,000 for Tanzania through their own fundraising efforts—they are writing grants, launching crowdfunding campaigns, selling items for Tanzania at school, singing at church and making other plans to put their projects in action.

Lalafofofo and the JEC are planning a trip in January to tour the Gates Foundation and the University of Washington in Seattle.

A training and strategy day was held for JEC members on October 9, 2016. JEC members concentrated on coaching and preparation, information sharing, group work, planning and input regarding priorities for the JEC’s first year.

The 2016-2017 Lalafofofo Junior Executive Committee is off to a great start!