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Strategic Vision

Lalafofofo’s Mission

Lalafofofo's missionThe primary objective of Lalafofofo’s mission  is to be a source of affordable, small-scale service projects in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania, East Africa. By providing projects needed in Kilimanjaro in the range of $500-$2500, Lalafofofo will link American youths, families and groups directly to these projects for financial sponsorship. Lalafofofo will initially focus on education and recruitment of families and youths between 7-18 years of age in Silicon Valley, California to encourage their interest and SKINNYwhitespace2involvement in service projects in Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Additionally, Lalafofofo’s mission includes maintaining 8-10 links to grassroots organizations in the Mount Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.  These Tanzanian nonprofit organizations are qualified Lalafofofo partners, representing six sectors: heath, education, poverty, children, conservation and sustainability. By partnering with specific Kilimanjaro nonprofits, Lalafofofo’s mission is further enhanced, as we advocate and spread the reach of these organizations to the U.S.  All donations from U.S. sponsors to these organizations will be tax deductible through Lalafofofo’s 501c3 status in California.

Lalafofofo’s mission: short-term service projects

Lastly, for families and individuals visiting the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, Lalafofofo wilScreen Shot 2015-06-17 at 5.31.48 AMl provide recommendations for short-term service projects (one-day to one-week). The objective is to further support development of the volunteer economy of Moshi and Kilimanjaro.

Organizational Structure

Lalafofofo’s organization is overseen by two boards of directors – first, there is the local board located in Moshi, Tanzania, and an international board  located in the U.S. and Canada. Local and international board meetings will be scheduled to occur separately on a quarterly basis. Program Director Guadencia Mtunga resides in Moshi. Her responsibilities include finding service projects, overseeing implementation, providing updates, communicating with the local board and founder, and ensuring onsite fiscal responsibility.


Lalafofofo's missionMicro-Projects

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Five to fifteen projects ranging from $500-$2500 (“micro-projects”) will be provided annually by Lalafofofo for the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. The programs in this region will be small-scale, locally-needed, achievable and tangible. This criteria was chosen so as to facilitate involvement of American families and youths. School lunch programs and small building projects will form the basis of most of the micro-projects. Each will be available with background information and a description on Lalafofofo’s website in order for families and individuals to “select” the micro-project for support.

Lalafofofo's mission

Reid Vaughan and Steve Street receive supplies for school water line installation

When a micro-project is chosen for support, Lalafofofo’s partners in Kilimanjaro will be responsible for implementation and overseeing completion. Lalafofofo’s program manager in Moshi will continually be searching for new projects as well as monitoring active projects for completion and providing updates.

Lalafofofo Partners in Kilimanjaro

Recommendations and links to websites of local nonprofits in the Kilimanjaro region will be provided for individual/groups to donate on the Lalafofofo website. In keeping with Lalafofofo’s mission, these organizations are Lalafofofo partners and have been through a “qualification” process. As mentioned, the nonprofits are in six sectors – health, poverty, education, children, conservation and sustainability. The process of initially qualifying these organizations include visiting their respective headquarters, interviewing senior management, and confirming organizational integrity. These organizations will be re-qualified on an annual basis to remain Lalafofofo partners.

Overall, these organizations are performing outstanding work in their specific areas, and it is the desire of Lalafofofo to assist in ensuringSKINNYwhitespace2 their continued success through extending their support to the U.S. market. As mentioned, donations from the U.S. to these Tanzanian registered organizations will be tax deductible via Lalafofofo’s 501c3 status in California.

Volunteering in Kilimanjaro

Most importantly, Lalafofofo’s mission is to support further development of the volunteer economy of Moshi and Kilimanjaro. As we solidify our menu of one-day to one-week volunteer options for tourists and families traveling in the region, our goal is to help Moshi’s volunteer economy benefit and grow. Contributing to the volunteer tourism sector of Moshi is, and will continue to be a long term objective of Lalafofofo’s.

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