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100% of profits will provide solar-powered LED lights to communities in extreme poverty.

The luminAID PackLite solar lantern was originally designed to provide light and safety at night in times of emergencies. Now this little solar light has become a reliable resource for many nighttime adventures. When charged outdoors in direct sun for seven hours, it can provide up to 14 hours of LED light. These Solar lanterns are 100 percent waterproof making them a safety tool, and an accessory for outdoor adventures, hiking in Yosemite, backpacking in Whistler, or for emergency workers in Nepal. We hope you enjoy this light, and enjoy knowing that you have helped others to gain access to safe lighting as well.

Anne Street demonstrating a solar lantern for Terasia in her hut in Kimashuku Village

Anne Street demonstrating a solar energy lamp for Terasia in her hut in Kimashuku Village

With your help, we can purchase these solar-powered lantern lights in-country to support the Tanzanian economy, and greatly improve living conditions for those living in the ”bush” in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania.

Purchase a luminAID Packlite Nova solar lantern for yourself and “Light up Tanzania” will provide an in-kind contribution of solar LED light to a Tanzanian community.

Light up Tanzania, a Lalafofofo campaign in collaboration with Last Mile and Makers4Good, provides solar-powered LED lights to Tanzanian communities living in extreme poverty and 12-hour stretches of pitch darkness.

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