Mother’s Day Gift Sponsorship

Mother’ Day is Sunday, May 8th

whitespacewhitespaceThis Mother’s Day, consider giving your Mom the gift of helping a Maasai widow in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Maasai villagers belong to a culture in which men are polygamous, and women are financially dependent on their husbands. Wealth is invested in  land, animals, and building houses—and wealth is controlled by the husband and his family. If a husband dies, his surviving widow and children are left with little, and are often ejected from their home’s by the deceased husband’s family. Widows, many ill with HIV, and their children have a very difficult existence, and survival is hard-scrabble.

Lalafofofo’s “Build a House for a Maasai Widow” program helps widows and children by raising funds to build inexpensive ($2,000) homes for these women and children, so they can move forward with their lives in safety and with dignity.

Give Mom a Gift of Love
this Mother’s Day, with a sponsored gift in her name to benefit a Maasai widow

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Maasai Widows



Building a house for a Maasai widow serves many functions. These low-cost homes last more than 
20 years, eliminating the need to maintain a hut. The houses Lalafofofo is helping to build for Maasai  widows are under 1,000 sq. ft., have several windows and a door, and usually three small rooms.  A house gives the widows and children a place of permanence and maintains their standing in the community.  Most importantly, it provides a safer and healthier existence for the family because the house has a door that they can lock for security.

Houses can be built in Boma Ng’ombe for $2,000 in less than a month, using local materials.  Although these homes are very basic, with no electricity or running water, the Maasai are already well adapted to this traditional way of life.

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