Lalafofofo partners is happy to partner with other charitable organizations that demonstrate  a community-centered approach, excellent financial reporting and a solid knowledge of the needs of  Tanzanians, particularly in the Moshi / Mount Kilimanjaro region.  We partner with  some of the best people and organizations in the world at knowing how to identify and implement affordable projects that will make a big impact on Tanzanians. Our partners include:




Anza is a Swahili word, meaning ‘start’ or ‘begin’. This is the essence of what Anza tries to achieve for up and coming social entrepreneurs…a platform to begin realizing their full potential and affect, not only for their own wellbeing but for the wellbeing of their communities too. Anza’s vision is to build a dynamic network that supports social entrepreneurs, helping them to thrive and create community-wide impact. This is achieved by providing young entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools and mentorship needed to tackle the most daunting issues facing their communities, with a sustainable business venture. Anza is about creating a culture where business is a vehicle for community benefit, taking three outcomes into consideration: profit, planet and people.




Makers 4 Good taps their drive and creativity through the products they invent, and have made a profound impact on society. The Palo Alto, California non-profit works with Maker companies  to help shape consumer mindsets and education norms, and to assess product design considerations. Makers represent a fearless class of creators at the intersection of art, technology, and traditional DIY. They are influential role models for everyone with a desire to to create innovative work and help them identify targeted ways to give back.

Makers4Good works with interested nonprofits to identify potential product fits, helps Maker companies and nonprofits connect, collaborate with potential partners, and assists with the development of ideas and products.. Via their partnership with the Social Good Fund, Makers4Good matches Maker companies and their products with nonprofit organizations through related missions. Makers donate 100% of their profits from specific products to their partner organization. To raise awareness for this partnership, nonprofits can reach out to their members directly and on their web site. Nonprofit organizations gain valuable donations and new publicity for their cause. Makers4Good works with Maker companies to help them identify targeted methods to give back. Makers4Good also collaborates with interested nonprofits to identify their product needs. Makers4Good help Maker companies and nonprofits join forces to seek out potential partners and assist with idea and product development.