Lalafofofo Solar Light Campaign Energizes Communities in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania

Lalafofofo Solar Light Campaign Energizes Communities in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania

solar light campaign

solar light campaign

Energy poverty describes the lack of access to electricity and other modern energy services, and in Sub- Saharan Africa, more than 600 million people lack access to electricity. That number is rising thanks to population increases, according to the International Energy Agency.  solar light campaign

Without electricity, women living in the Tanzanian bush spend many hours searching for fuel wood for their traditional stoves. These traditional stoves are linked to indoor pollution and resulting negative health effects that include respiratory infections, cancer and lung diseases.  In addition, many families also spend a significant portion of their budgets on kerosene to fuel lanterns at night, which also results in indoor air pollution. More often, however, their homes remain dark throughout the region’s 12-hour nights.  solar light campaign

Lalafofofo’s “Light up Tanzania” campaign provides lanterns that eliminate the need for kerosene, and with it the indoor air pollution that kerosene emits.

With the money Tanzanian bush families save by replacing kerosene with solar lanterns, they are better able to feed their families and cover other necessary expenses. Big picture, bringing solar lanterns to families living in the Tanzanian bush is one more step toward bringing hope to future generations living off the grid in the region.    solar light campaign

Many of us living in Western countries take access to electricity for granted, but for these families, solar power offers safe, reliable, and free light, as well as the ability to live above a subsistence level.
To learn more about how you can donate a solar lantern to a family living in the Tanzanian bush for just $15, visit our “Light Up Tanzania” campaign website page.


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Help Lalafofofo Bring Solar Lanterns to Off-the-grid Families in the Kilimanjaro Region of East Africa

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  1. Can you imagine not having electricity. Not at all! This is the life in many parts of the world including Tanzania. Check out Lalafofofo, my daughter-in-law's project to help those in Tanzania while guiding students to become Global Citizens by participating in a program to share what we have with others who have less. The solar lanterns truly can help Light up Tanzania and change the lives of families.