Krupa Patel, Strategic Advisor, head of Lalafofofo’s Tanzanian Board

Lalafofofo Tanzanian Board Krupa PatelKrupa Patel heads Lalafofofo’s Tanzanian Board and additionally serves as a strategic advisor. Krupa is well regarded in the Kilimanjaro community for her innovative solutions to local challenges. Krupa is the founder and CEO of Anza, a business incubator in Moshi. Anza provides a range of services to start, support and scale social impact businesses in Tanzania. Krupa is passionate about the transformational potential social businesses have on society. Consequently, she has infused these beliefs into all of Anza’s activities.

Lalafofofo’s Tanzanian Board focus

Two boards of directors oversee Lalafofofo’ts organizational framework. Lalafofofo hosts the “local” board of directors in Moshi, and the international board in the U.S. and Canada. Local and international board meetings are scheduled to occur separately on a quarterly basis. Program director Guadencia Mtunga resides in Moshi. Her responsibilities include locating service projects, overseeing their implementation, providing updates, communicating to the local board and founder, and ultimately ensuring onsite fiscal responsibility.

Lalafofofo’s primary objective is to be a source of affordable, small-scale service projects in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania. Upon providing needed projects in the range of $500-$2,500, Lalafofofo will link them with American youth, families and groups for financial sponsorship.  Initially, Lalafofo will focus on education, and recruit families and youths 7-18 years of age in Silicon Valley, California. Most of all, the goal is to arouse interest and  involvement in service projects in Kilimanjaro.

In addition, links to 8-10 local nonprofit organizations in the Mount Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania will be available on the Lalafofofo website. These grassroots organizations are qualified Lalafofofo partners, consequently representing six sectors: health, education, poverty, children, conservation and, most noteworthy, sustainability. By partnering with specific Kilimanjaro nonprofits, Lalafofofo can both advocate and spread each organizantion’s reach to the U.S.  Furthermore, all donations from the U.S. to these organizations are tax deductible through Lalafofofo’s 501c3 status in California.

Finally, Lalafofofo will recommend short-term service projects (one-day to one-week) to enthusiastic families and individuals visiting the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania. Ultimately, the objective is to support further development of the volunteer economy of Moshi and Kilimanjaro.