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Lalafofofo’s Tanzanian Staff



Gaudencia Malango Mtunga (“Gaudy”) Tanzanian Staff Project Manager

Lalafofofo Tanzanian staff member Gaudy Malango MtungaProgram Manager Gaudencia Malango Mtunga (“Gaudy”) has been active within Lalafofofo since its inception in 2015. Gaudy lives in Moshi, has a degree in accounting, and is pursuing further education in social work. An experienced translator familiar with the impoverished areas of Kilimanjaro, she additionally serves as a women’s advocate in Boma Ng’ombe. Most of all, Gaudy’s enthusiasm and expertise benefit Lalafofofo abundantly.

Steve Street, Advocate in Moshi

Lalafofofo Tanzanian staff member Steve Street


Retired science teacher Steve Street and his wife, Anne live in Moshi. Their combined talents and dedication to advocating for Kilmanjaro’s poor has created a legacy built over more than three decades. In addition, their latest effort—running a model farm to educate locals on sustainable growing practices—is expected to benefit Tanzanians for generations to come. The Streets teamed up with Lalafofofo in January, 2015.

Anne Street, Advocate in Moshi

Lalafofofo Tanzanian staff member Anne Street
Anne Street lives in Moshi with her husband Steve, live in Moshi. Consequently, Anne has devoted her life to working with her husband to support and enrich the lives of the region’s poor. Together, the Streets have built houses, improved schools, set up food programs, build bridges, and worked tirelessly on behalf of the local community over their lifetime.


Abraham Molel, Tanzanian Staff Community Liaison

Lalafofofo Tansanian staff member Abraham Molel


Finally, Lalafofofo’s local community liaison, Abraham Molel, joined the Tanzanian staff in June, 2015. Abraham is a respected Maasai village elder in Boma Ng’ombe and his family lands are adjacent to Sanya Station public school. Abraham is often seen riding his “piki piki” or motorbike checking on the school, hence providing us with first-hand observations on our progress. Welcome to Abraham! Because he will be working for Gaudy Mtunga, Lalafofofo’s program manager, we feel confident that our mission will flourish as a result.

Lalafofofo is fortunate to have this committed, high caliber Tanzanian staff in the heart of Moshi. These are the people who will monitor our active projects, and also continually explore new opportunities. As a result of their efforts, Lalafofofo can make a real difference in the lives of people living in Tanzania.